Journey along the Art Walk trail and immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of traditional Indian percussion instruments or creative fusions of Indian and Western styles of music. Indulge your senses and be transported to a world of Hindu gods and goddesses, as legends come to life through stories told within the walls of one of Singapore’s historic monuments. Discover an eclectic mix of captivating art works as you walk along paths less travelled around the Little India precinct. Utilising the lanes, alleyways and obscure areas off the beaten path around the precinct, ARTWALK Little India will bring you on a trail of exploration and fun.


Traditional Trades of Little India

By Psyfool
8 Bebilios Lane


Traditional Trades of Little India aims to highlight the trades common to Little India when merchants and traders settled in the precinct many years ago. The various trades painted on the wall include the dhobi, the parrot astrologer and others that were common businesses and important to the sustenance of the settlers residing in the area. As social and economic landscapes shifted, the businesses became obsolete but today, they are still held in high regard by locals, who take pride in these eclectic trades that are part of the Little India heritage.

Sensory Overload

By Mojoko
Formerly at 4 Belilios Lane


A piece inspired by Bollywood film posters, Sensory Overload was a bright, impactful work that was pasted onto the wall in the same way street advertising posters are. It also took visual inspiration from music culture and typography, creating a dramatic, bold representation of contemporary Indian culture.

Hands: God of Shiva

By Kana Higashino
Formerly at Indian Heritage Centre


Hands engaged the community to participate in an artistic creation by painting onto designed panels by the artist. The panels featured hand gestures that symbolise the God of Dance and ornamental elements of the Indian culture. This work was inspired by a conversation between the artist and a traditional Indian dancer, who took up the art form at the mere age of 7. The strong familial bond and chemistry developed between the dancer and her teacher became a backstory for the creation of this work.

Loops of The Precious

By Priyageetha D/O Diayalan
Upper Dickson Road


Indian jewellery designs past and present interweave and encircle one another, symbolising the act of passing down heirlooms from one generation to the next amidst the mechanisation of the trade. The act of “handcrafting” — constructing and building upon the designs bit-by-bit — parallels that of jewellery-making. The progression of the goldsmithing trade is encapsulated within this mural painting.

Sororal Twins In A Floating World

By Giada Tagliamonte
Formerly at Buffalo Road

Video projection

With two videos projecting on facing walls, Sororal Twins in a Floating World featured the artist in two personas exploring the visual and cultural aesthetics of Little India. Her painted representations of the cultural precinct’s architecture were accompanied by local flora to provide a multi-layered narrative specific to the area, showing the raw beauty of this unique location in Singapore.

Crystal Carpet

By Luoyi Tan
Formerly at Clive Street Green


An ornate mixed media mural displayed outdoors, this work was inspired by the elegance and rich colors of Indian textiles, one of the important aspects that formed Little India’s identity. Comprising found stones collected in Little India and arranged acrylics, the work embodies the culture of the precinct — a collective of vibrant traditions captured in a mural. (Photo Credit: Luoyi Tan)

Existing Artworks

1. Traditional Trades of Little India
2. Loops of The Precious


Something Universal

By Prabhal Dayal
Duration: 10 Minutes

Shy At Heart

By Natasha Rathod
Duration: 5 Minutes


By Lim Yen
Duration: 12 Minutes


By Praveena Gunasegaran
Duration: 3 Minutes

The Red Veil

By Chua Seng Yew
Duration: 15 Minutes

Uncle Scrooge

By Navil Aman
Duration: 6 Minutes


Taal Tarang

By Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society

The word “Taal” means a rhythmic idea of music and the word “Tarang” means waves of rhythm.

Taking inspiration from the meaning of both words, Taal Tarang is a percussion group which produces rhythmic patterns and sounds.

There are two different rhythmic cycles in Taal. For example, Adi Taal has 16 beats and Mishra Chapu has a 7-beat rhythmic pattern which consists of Tabla, a North India instrument and Mridangam, a South India Instrument, and Konnakal, verbal percussion.

Harmony இணக்கம் (E-na-kkam)

By Aya Sekine X Bobby Singh

This unique collaboration between Aya Sekine, a Japanese Jazz pianist and Bobby Singh, a Singaporean Indian tabla player presented an improvisation piece. The piece aimed to develop new energy and sounds for Little India, and from being in the buzzing precinct.

Music Performance

By Lotus Collab

Lotus Collab presented an eclectic repertoire of fusion music, utilising a combination of traditional Indian vocals sung to the rhythmic beats of the Tabla, and accompanied by the melodically distinctive sounds of the Western keyboard and electric guitar.

Temple Tales

By Kamini Ramachandran

Set within a casual and intimate setting of a Hindu temple, master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran weaved together tales of Hindu mythology and breathed life into legends and epics from a time long ago.


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Navil Aman
Prabhal Dayal
Praveena Gunasegaran
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