Urban Mythology, where long-lost tales found in and around Little India and the Indian community are resurrected through art.


Daily Delivery

By Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu
212 Serangoon Road


Emphasising the idea of balancing the mix of tradition and modernisation, the mural is a tribute to the legendary tiffin meal businesses that contributed to the history of the precinct, with a suggestion on how this traditional trade could have sustained alongside rapid developments in technology.


By Mohammed Zulkarnaen Othman (ZERO)
5 Hindoo Road


A terrestrial creature that is also mythical, Makara seeks to address our common narratives that have disappeared through time and to re-familiarise them through art. This mural of ZERO’s interweaves multiple forms of beloved stories in varying contexts. The work affirms the notion of art’s versatility in giving different narratives, perspectives and meaning for a vibrant community such as Little India.

A Sailor’s Guide to Little India

By A’Shua Imran
Formerly at 2 Veerasamy Road


Paying tribute to the rich Indian culture in Little India as well as other cultures that harmoniously share this space, A’shua Imran envisioned our ancestors’ voyage to Singapore. Using a selection of scenes, cultural landmarks and historical buildings to illustrate an imagined map, each segment in the mural revealed different encounters of a wanderer – and yet, pointed to their histories and identities.


By Shah Rizzal
240 Serangoon Road


Shah Rizzal believes in the necessity for preserving the architecture of a space that outlasts the need for progressive urban redevelopment.

He seeks to convey this message by bringing our attention to the shophouses in Little India and highlighting the contribution of brick makers that once resided in that district, both of which are an invaluable fragment of history within the precinct.


By Izzad Radzali Shah
Formerly at 1 Hindoo Road


Through his engagement with residents of Little India, Izzad Radzali Shah aimed to transcribe oral-aural storytelling into visuals and symbols. The mural acted as a meeting point for the residents, celebrating the culture and diversity of the precinct.


By Leow Wei Li and Dominic Khoo
Formerly at 2 Dickson Road


Inspired by the use of flowers as a form of communication, this mural was an anonymous love letter featuring a string of marigold flowers. This perennial was used not only as a love charm, but was also believed to promote positive conversation. Adopting the aesthetics of email windows, the mural began with an opening of “Dear” and closes off with “Love”, leaving the space in between blank for viewers to fill in. Through this invitation, the duo hoped to reignite people’s connection with the language of flowers.


By Eunice Hannah Lim
Formerly at 82 Serangoon Road


Inspired by Siyamala Bookstore’s 30-year history in Little India, this mural looked into how information about heritage, histories, traditions and stories were discovered. Tiny hints were embedded into the mural by the artist, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of discovery about the bookstore and its occupant.


By Tinu Verghis
Formerly In front of Kampong Kapor Methodist Church


Embellished with tiny traditionally embroidered Indian mirrors and measuring at an approximate 5m in length and 1.5m in height, the pipe installation seeked to engage visitors to reflect on their individual identities, cultures and respective histories.

The Day I Lost My Shadow

By K Rajagopal (Director)

Acclaimed filmmaker K Rajagopal explored the myth, history and tales of Little India through three films: a man who shirks off the burden of being a coolie to build a business empire; an event that transformed a swampy land to a historical landmark; and a place which is lost but where memories linger on vividly in the reels of life and cinema.

Existing Artworks

1. Daily Delivery
2. Makara
3. Layers


One Dark Night: Urban Legends and Lore

By Kamini Ramachandran

Kamini Ramachandran retold an adaptation of Singaporean writer Verena Tay’s short stories inspired by urban legends: The Gravedigger and The Highway Incident. These stories were interspersed with selected poems by local poet Elancharan Gunasekaran.

The Mother Goddess

By Ravindran Drama Group

The Mother Goddess was a re-enactment of locals seeking refuge inside Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple during the Japanese air raids of Singapore in 1941. The performance detailed an urban legend that has been passed on from generation to generation, where many believed the Temple to be a sanctuary, symbol and metaphor for a mother’s protection over her children.

(No title)

By Lotus Collab

With a diverse set of instruments and tools that consisted of classical and electronic, Lotus Collab performed their unique “fusionistic” sound that has the exoticness of Classical Indian melodies that handshake with Jazz, Blues, Afro and Arabic harmonies.

Experiential Activities


By Monster Day Tour
A festival favourite for all ages, the ARTWALK Trail by Monster Day Tours was an adventure on foot filled with art, local history and cultural knowledge. Participants got to know the stories behind each mural, the artists, and the historical precinct.

Henna Art

By SyraSkins
Participants partook in henna art services using fresh and natural ingredients.

Rangoli Assembly

By Stroke Arts Studio
With StrokeArts Studio, participants learnt about the ingredients, patterns and stories that accompany the longstanding tradition South Indian rangoli artform, Kolam.


By LASALLE College of the Arts Musical Theatre
Inspired by the vibrant colours of Little India and in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts’ Musical Theatre department, Audace Bar & Restaurant presented Senses, a multi-sensorial dinner experience that delighted the palate, dazzled the eyes and sang to the ears.

Holographic Photobooth

By Ubersnap
An exclusive photobooth that turned GIFs into holographic prints.

Aura Photography Print

By Kang Li Mineral Kingdom
Participants partook in a photo-taking of their aura which is a combination of vibrating colours produced and emitted by the body.


Dress-A-Puppet Workshop

By Artgrain Studio
Participants partook in the dressing and decorating of hand puppets inspired by ARTWALK Little India 2018’s new murals. It allowed for imagination to wonder as stories behind each two-dimensional mural came to life via three-dimensional hand puppets.

Sunset Yoga with Free Yoga in Little India

By Nithiya N.
Nithiya N. and a group of dedicated yoga practitioners conducted a free yoga session as the sun sets on Little India.

Wellness in Writing

By Tam Art House
Participants explored the basics of putting pencil and pen to paper with Craft Varies, a Singapore-based practice established for self-discovery through the connection of mind and body.

Artlogue on Printmaking

By Tam Art House
Participants learnt the basics of printmaking and concept development through meaningful conversations, guided practice and activities.


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