Image and Sound
of Fragrance

The scents we pick up evoke our emotions and memories. It may conjure up a smile, stir a fear, alleviate a pain or create a sense of peace. ARTWALK transforms scents to visuals, blends noise to music, to present old and new. With the talents of local artists, we expect to create a sensory experience for both tourists and locals.

Image and Sound of Fragrance - Exhibition



Conceptualised in relation to the given title of the 5th ARTWALK Little India project, Image and Sound of Fragrance, Milenko Prvacki worked with 8 artists to translate the unique fragrances of Little India into a visualisation of sound and smell in a personal language. Visitors were able to witness a sort of “Little India cacophony” of various artists’ sensations of space, images, movement, installation, painting and sculpture.

Existing Artworks

1. Stargazer’s Wish
2. A Scent of Lights


Exploring the Odissi Spirit

By Soumee De

Exploring the Odissi Spirit was a traditional Odissi-based dance performance held in open spaces in Little India, that interacted and responded to the space around us.

Flowers of the Night

By Kamini Ramachandran

Flowers of the Night invited listeners to a sensory storytelling experience, with fragrances, by Kamini Ramachandran. It featured poetry by Shivram Gopinath.


By Jyotika Joshi

Tarana highlighted the most quintessential features of Kathak, such as intricate footwork (also known as tatkaar), the graceful and fluid movements of the dance syllables. It was headed and choreographed by Jyotika Joshi and performed by teachers and students from the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society.

Misra Gandh (Mixed Fragrance)

By P K Geethanadhan and Amri

P K Geethanadhan and Amrita Lahiri from the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society presented an exciting performance combining both Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi to illustrate the differences and similarities between both classical dance forms.

Misra Gandh (Mixed Fragrance)

By Shibani Roy, Mihir Kundu and Susanta Chowdhury

Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society presented a Hindustani vocal concert performance using well-known music which illustrated the theme of fragrance, and explored different ragas which reflected on different moods like Hindustani classical ragas.

The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole

By LASALLE Diploma in Performance

The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole is one of Singapore’s best-known monologues written by Kuo Pao Kun. This performance was a fresh retelling with a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, conveyed by a young Indian woman in modern society.

The Scent of Memories

By Kamini Ramachandran

The Scent of Memories was a dinner theatre storytelling experience. Kamini Ramachandran brought diners through the history of Little India and the pivotal role of eating, gathering and conversation, especially among migrant communities. Audiences were then treated to a story connected to the spices and ingredients used by the chef for the meal.

Experiential Activities


By Divyam Raghunath and Aryan Kapoor
Live painting

Aryan Kapoor and Divyam Raghunath showcased their art through the medium of live painting, to present before audiences a combination of flavour with the use of spices. The showcase had left audiences mesmerised by the flavours of food presented and the art they see.


By Monster Day Tours
A guided tour around ARTWALK Little India 2019.


Stencil Making Workshop

By Mural Lingo
Participants were given an opportunity to get their very own first-hand experience at spray painting with Mural Lingo by making their own stencils and spray painting them like the mural artists of ARTWALK Little India. (Photo Credit: Mural Lingo)

Natural Pigment Workshop

By Mural Lingo
Natural Pigment Workshop offered a multi-sensorial arts creation process using natural objects. (Photo Credit: Mural Lingo)

Spice Workshop

By Sneha Mittal and Sanyaa Mehrotra
Sneha Mittal and Sanyaa Mehrotra were joined by participants in making herbal face packs, bath salts and bath bombs using eco-friendly and chemical free herbs.

Potret Potret

By Nadiah Alsagoff
At Nadiah Alsagoff’s lecture-cum-workshop session, participants listened to her journey as an artist, and learnt her art of portraiture.

Bharatanatyam Dance Workshop

By Nikita Menon
Participants explored the ‘Sound of Dance’ with Nikita Menon through Bharatanatyam. The workshop was designed to allow participants to experience dance as the source music, rather than as an accompaniment to music.

Mridangam Carnatic Workshop

By Tripunithura Sreekanth
Participants learned the basics of playing the Mridangam and understood the basic rhythm structure of the particular Carnatic percussion instrument through this special fusion workshop of Mridangam, flute and violin.