of Time

Hop, step and journey through the milescape of colour and inherent beauty that is Little India. Audiences reconcile the past and present while tracing through the moods of heritage and grandiosity of works.

Into its sixth year, the enchantment continues its journey through space and time enthralling visitors with yet another wondrous line-up of activities that invokes the memories of the past, the calmness of the now and the excitement of tomorrow.



By Boon
22 Belilios Lane


Mayura, conceptualised by both Boon and Jaba, literally translates to “Peacock” in Sanskrit. This culturally significant animal is depicted to symbolise the cycle of time in Hindu scripts. The artists seek to showcase the beauty of the peacock as represented in Hindu epics.

Weaving Through Time

2 Veerasamy Road


SONG drew inspiration from Little India’s physical landscape of shophouses and relief sculptures. He explored the untold stories and transformations that have been created with time. Using the language of graffiti, SONG seeks to represent how vibrancy, texture and architecture, which are unique characteristics of Little India, are intertwined.


By Jezlyn Tan
Tekka Place Annex Block Level 1 - 2 Serangoon Road


CIRCLES comprises more than 700 pieces of thin circular cut-outs in aluminium, arranged in four overlapping layers which protrude from the flat, curved wall. There are six distinct colours used in the work which has been designed specifically to reflect the energy of the space.


By Khairulddin Wahab
Tekka Place Main Building Level 1 (Interior of the Mall) - 2 Serangoon Road


Using the long and distinguished history of textile in the Indian culture, Khairulddin Wahab drew his inspiration from cultural motifs rooted in nature as the subject of this mural. This design celebrates the rich textile tradition and material culture, the motifs that are used do not merely illustrate nature, but are also laced with spirituality, environmental history and symbolism.

Future Reminiscence

By Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu
109 Rowell Road


Jaba builds upon his interest in Little India’s architecture, specifically the establishment of temples, the dates they were built, or lack thereof. Intrigued by how the aesthetics of these structures are able to exist in different time periods, the artist depicts an architectural style that is preserved and continued throughout the journey of time, with characters that represent the connection between the old and the new.

The Healing Wall - You Are What You Eat

By Sunaina Bhalla
Formerly at 5 Dunlop Street


You Are What You Eat seeked to highlight methods of ancient healing that originated from India but have been forgotten over time. The artist selected specific herbs that possess aromas which are beneficial in curing and relieving certain ailments of the mind and body. After discovering these healing properties that have helped her own life, she shares these findings in the hope of benefiting others.

Existing Artworks

1. Mayura
2. Weaving Through Time
4. Travellers
5. Future Reminiscence


The Rivers that Belay

By Moses Tan and Susan Sentler
Visual projection cum dance performance

Moses Tan created a visual projection comprising images and footages by drawing on water passages that were once used by merchants and travellers of the past; while Susan Sentler worked together with artists, Rachel Poh and Valerie Lim in a performance. Audiences were able to explore the history and impermanence of objects and locations by looking at the canals that outline Little India as a means to initiate conversations of and about the past.


By Wisdom of Monkeys Productions

Set in the distant future where climate change has eroded the temples that once existed, the only artefact that remains of those glorious times is an image of the Goddess of Time, Kali. With this picture, a time traveller embarks on a journey to regain knowledge about the old temples, so they can be created again. Meanwhile, in 1925, a clerk plans to construct a new temple in Singapore. How will their paths meet? The connections forged by Time can be more unexpected than we think.


By LASALLE Diploma in Dance Year 2 students

Crossings captured everyday details, subtle textures and gestures within the landscape of Little India. Body, space and time merged into snapshots held in choreographic frames of daily travelled pathways.

Nakshatra: The Lunar Mansions

By Kamini Ramachandran

The stars have always been a guide — gently leading travellers, explorers and lost souls by the patterns in the sky, sharing their light. Indian festivals and special occasions are influenced by the stars. As we celebrate the harvest festival of Pongal, discover the origin story of the Nakshatras, the constellations. How did the stars come to be? And what is their story?

Master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran brought alive myths of yore, accompanied by music from Raghavendar Rajasekaran. Participants also got to complete their experience with traditional folk-art painting and creating their favourite star.


Kalari: Basic to Indian Martial Arts

By Vanessa Toh
A workshop about an ancient form of martial art that originated from India. Inspired by the power and instincts of animals just before they strike, the training of Kalari focuses on body awareness, presence, flexibility and balance. In this workshop, participants were introduced to 5 main animal postures and learned the basic techniques used in Kalari.

“Rituranga” A Garland of Seasons

By Soumee De Girotra
In this workshop, participants had immersed themselves in the timeless classical dance of Odissi as Soumee De Girotra represented the passage of time through four prominent Indian seasons introduced by Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. Using songs and dance to depict these seasons and their impact on the human mind, the artist seeked to use the gestures of Odissi to represent a myriad of meanings.

Bolly Dazz: Zumba with a Twist

By Theeya
Participants were given the opportunity to experience a Zumba workout to popular Indian music across different eras, with Bollywood moves and creative interpretations of the music being incorporated into the immersive workout.

Sound Painting Workshop

By Tim O’Dwyer
A workshop about a multi-sensory art-form which uses bodily gestures and sounds to orchestrate a composition, spontaneously conducted by the sound painter and composer, Tim O’Dwyer. Participants were cued to make a sound or strike a pose, leaving much to specificity and chance, to recreate the bustle and spirit of Little India.


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Jezlyn Tan
LASALLE Diploma in Animation
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LASALLE BA(Hons) Acting Year 3 students
LASALLE Diploma in Dance Year 2 students
Soumee De Girotra
Vishnu Veluri
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