In Spite Of...

Even if environments, lifestyles, and ways of working change, artists continue to consume material and dream up ideas. Art remains a fuel for many to express their thoughts, ask critical questions, and find understanding. Through image and installations, we can remain connected as a community, supporting one another through this time of closure and silence.


Folding Dreams

By Eunice Hannah Lim
Folding Dreams shares the story of how humble beginnings can create a business legacy, inspired by the history of Mustafa Centre. At an early age in the 1960s, founder Mustaq Ahmad helped out at his family's pushcart business selling food and drinks. Soon, the budding entrepreneur started selling handkerchiefs which he bought using his pocket money. From then, the family business took off. The artwork depicts a makeshift stall where the handkerchiefs are folded into massive cranes.

Through Folding Dreams, the artist hopes that despite difficult times, we are reminded of such stories and be inspired to follow our dreams. As one humble handkerchief business could one day become a place where everyone can go to 24/7, she hopes this artwork can inspire people to give simple ideas a go and see how it comes into fruition.

Vilakku bb

By Mithra Jeevananthan
Mithra focuses on the Indian oil lamp in her landscape. The lighting of an oil lamp symbolises prosperity and celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The artist creates a landscape inspired by the colours used in Kolam making and the Enney Vilakku with the hope of bringing colour back to life during these dreary times.

Warp & Weft

By Khairulddin Wahab
Warp & Weft is made up of artworks from the community. Each element in the mural represents an expression or reflection of the culture, history and people that make up Little India. It is a celebration of the diversity and the rich heritage that makes Little India a special place for many.

Dancing in Unison

By Bhajju Shyam & Sam Lo
“Dancing in Unison” is a result of many months of virtual collaboration between Indian artist Bhajju Shyam and Singaporean artist Sam Lo, made possible through the curation of ST+art India Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in India that works on public art projects. One of the tallest in Singapore standing at seven storeys tall on the façade of Broadway Hotel in Little India, the mural embodies the idea that respect for nature and the environment at large is what will guarantee our co-existence. Every feature in the work extends on this idea of the necessary dance between our urban living and nature.

The tree - an iconic element from Gond art designed by Bhajju – engulfs the urban environment of human dwelling (personified by the windows of the building) becomes a metaphor for the universe where everything is interconnected from the land to the air. Its branches host vibrantly coloured sparrows, an element which reoccurs in Sam’s work, as a symbol of freedom, being one of the most common birds in India and Singapore.

Sam's deer, a revered animal in India serves as a tribute to Gond art which in this gentle appropriation manifests our contemporary interconnection where elements from different cultures are seen blending together in our globalised and accessible world. Sam further reinforces this idea by designing a red ribbon, another common element in their work, as a reminder of an omnipresent energy that connects us all, and one which connects Sam’s beliefs with those of Gond Art.

This extraordinary effort by the two artists resonates with the theme of ARTWALK 2021 – “In Spite Of” - where artists overcome limitations and geographical boundaries to come together to realise their creations, made possible by their passions and hopes for harmony for the future.

Family Pictures in Spite of…

By Milenko Prvački
In the time of the pandemic, families must maintain social distancing while taking photos. In this standalone metal installation, visitors are invited to take photos with family and friends, while engaging with the socially distanced frames.

Navras in Peril

By Dipali Gupta
Navras In Peril is a collaborative project that depicts through the medium of Indian classical dance the reimagining of the navrasa and its interpretation given our current reality of the pandemic, movement control and domestic entrapment. It is a dual channel moving image performance which seeks to explore the triangulated relationship of dancer, audience and site. Conceptualized by artist Dipali Gupta, this collaborative project is an attempt to foster connectivity and engagement despite the limitations of a confined environment.

The representation of this site based dance is durational, relational and contextual. It depicts a dynamic intersection that blurs the boundaries of representation and experience resulting into an evolution of relationships with space, audience and the dancer’s body. ‘Home’ – a domestic space is an unconventional dance site which serves as a landscape of immersive and focused encounters, a terrain for lived experience. While the home is long appreciated as a safe haven, a place of comfort and belonging, today, it almost feels constricting, limiting and hampering of freedom and mobility. Through diverse occurrences, the dancer navigates her physical and emotional feelings that ultimately allow her to co-exist with the reality of the pandemic and its precarious repercussions.


Percussions: Meet The Beats

A rhythmic confluence of percussion instruments. Conceptualised by Guru Tripunithura Sreekanth, supported by Guru Mihir Kundu and Guru Aamrapali Bhandari (SIFAS). Different instruments of various cultures from Singapore have come together to celebrate life.

Everything is defined by breath. Breathing is something so simple yet without it there will be no life. It has a rhythm and pulse which keeps each one alive. Here's presenting VAADYA TARANG, with pulsating permutations and breath-taking combinations of Carnatic music. Signifying the vibration of breath and rhythm. An element of Kathak footwork has also been added to this for a perfect visualisation of rhythm with ghunghroos.

Bhangra by Jigri Yaar Bhangra

By Jigri Yaar Bhangraa
Viewers can enjoy the colourful sights of Little India and immerse in the vibrancy of the Indian culture with a Bhangra performance by Bhangra pioneers, JIGRI YAAR BHANGRA. Bhangra is a traditional dance form that originated from the North Indian region of Punjab. It was usually performed by farmers during the Harvest Festival. This dance form is known to be vibrant, colourful and full of energy.

Characterised by big and groovy movements, the dance is also accompanied by a traditional drum known as the Dhol. Such an energetic performance during our current times will hopefully lifts everyone’s spirits and allows us to build a strong sense of community.

Indian Contemporary Dance: Nruthya mein Ekta – Unity in Dance

By Lasalle Students
Nruthya mein Ekta – Unity in Dance is a performance comprising of Indian and contemporary fusion. This interplay of dance styles represents the diversity in India and also gives a sense of the complex and thriving Indian cultural identity in Singapore. This collaboration has helped uncover the opportunities that Indian music presents from a choreographic perspective.

AWLI Jams with Building Fire

By Building Fire
Explore little India through Building Fire’s instrumental pieces which include influences and inspiration from the music of modern Indian cinema.

Peace, an unfolding

By Soumee De
To Blossom in Peace is an abstract dance presentation that unfolds gradually from simple to intricate movement patterns alongside the elaboration of a classically aesthetic and graceful musical composition. The dancers maintain their sense of balance, control and calm in spite of the progressive challenges of the composition – a scenario that is reflective of life and its increasing complexities.

AWLI Jams with Fusiosonic

By Fusiosonic
Enjoy Fusiosonic as they cover Tamil genres with a fusion twist in order to provide listeners with exciting and
futuristic versions of old and new pop compositions.

Virtual Storytelling

By Kamini Ramachandran
Cattle Tales: A Story of Serangoon Road & A Thaipusam Story

Stories can be found within walls, streets and celebrations, and are waiting to be shared. Master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran visits Little India and breathes life into artworks, temples and buildings. With the restrictions placed by the pandemic, Kamini will be presenting her popular storytelling sessions in a digital format. Through a series of two videos, she retells the tales attached deep within this area and connects audiences to the spirit of ARTWALK Little India.

Live! Virtual Tour

By Monster Day Tours
Witness the culture and colourful sights of Little India while in the comfort of your own homes with a virtual tour! Led by Monster Day Tours, the tour will feature murals, restaurants and places of interest. There will also be interviews conducted with the local community.

Unlike many virtual tours that are pre-recorded videos, or a series of 360-degree photos stitched together, this tour led by MDT is going to be a ‘live’ experience! So even though you are attending this tour through your digital device, be ready to interact with your guide, ask questions and immerse yourself in a unique experience!

Spiced Up Motifs

By Busy Tables
This programme is in collaboration with Busy Tables. A fun activity exploring spices and creating your very own spice painting!

This will involve:
- Sensory exploration of common spices through smell, touch and observation.
- Create your own spice paint.
- Familiarise yourselves with the patterns of beautiful textiles through a game of family bingo.
- Replicate these patterns with the spice paint.
- A curated kit comprising of the following will be sent to you when you sign up for the session.

The kit includes:
- Spices (pre-packed).
- Craft materials (assorted).
- Bingo cards.
- Textile samples.
- Instruction sheets.

Bollywood Zumba

By Theeya
Looking for a fun activity to spice up your weekends? This modern, high-intensity total body ‘live’ virtual workshop by instructor Theeya burns serious calories with Bollywood dance moves that help with weight loss and muscle toning. Participants can make it a family activity and experience a Zumba workout to popular Bollywood music across different eras!

Test Your Tastebuds

In this programme, we are going to talk about food. There will be two groups, comprising of family and friends, heading down to two selected restaurants in Little India to try out their delicacies. We all know that food is such an essential part of the Indian culture, but how often do we properly dissect and enjoy our food? In this two-part series, we are inviting you to revisit your tastebuds as they are put to the test in breaking down elements in Indian cuisines.

Meet Your Hosts!

Three Generations
Each dish evokes warm memories for Niki, her mother and her grandmother as they test their tastebuds at the well-known Indian restaurant in Little India, Gayatri Restaurant.

Three Friends
Who knows Indian food best? Join Charlotte Elizabeth, Fahim and Zac Denver Lee in identifying the elements of fusion Indian cuisine at Meatsmith Little India!


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