Looking Back, Going Forward

After almost two years of uncertainty and warped history fraught by the pandemic, art still strives to permeate life and leave its mark on history. This year’s theme, Looking Back, Going Forward, highlights the persistence of the arts through the pandemic and the celebration of the arts in any way possible. ARTWALK 2022 strives to preserve the history of the Little India and Katong-Joo Chiat precincts while embracing how these traditions have changed with time, living up to the idea of looking back while bringing that energy forward.



By Shah Rizzal
This is an art project that delves into the special relationship between the windows and the communal spaces around Little India.

The intention is to portray different types of shophouse windows from the past to the present. To do this, part of the wall will be coloured, another will be black and white while the remaining will be sepia.

I am proposing a mural consisting of a clash of modern and postmodern environments. The painting will consist of the different types of windows/shophouses juxtaposed against one another creating a stack of interesting composition.

The Phoenix

By BoonBaked
The phoenix is a decorative and auspicious motif used by the Peranakans.

The phoenix also symbolises rebirth and regeneration in western traditions. It represents the continuation of life in flames of change, the continuation of living live during this pandemic, and the importance of taking it easy and to not give up, in the hopes that, when it does end, we will be stronger.

Jalan Jalan

By Didier "Jaba" Mathieu
A group of stray cats walking towards the viewer just proud to be able to wander the streets without any sort of fear or judgement. A bunch of old friends going forward unconcerned about all of the uncertainties of the past two years.

Painted with daring colour combinations directly inspired by Peranakan ceramics to fit the style of the neighbourhood and heritage shophouses.

The Bird Of Paradise

By Slac Satu
Birds in general are widely seen as symbols of freedom and eternity due to their ability to soar high into the skies. We also tend to associate birds with infinite possibilities & renewal going into the uncertain future with positivity. Another symbol of freedom that acts as a contrast around the main focus are magical looking flowers that resemble a flock of vibrant tropical birds taking flight. The bird of paradise (the single bird represents us all living in the garden city.)

The Sun Beaming

By Lee Wan Xiang and Chand Chandramohan
I remember as a child, my parents taking me to little india to visit the parrot astrologer. I was usually clueless to what the astrologer was saying, because I barely spoke Tamil, let alone complex Sanskrit terms that encompass the universe and my place in it. I was always excited though, because it meant I could pet the parrot while the astrologer spoke to my parents. The concept for this mural explores the progression of Little India through the lens of astrology and the astrologers that once inhabited the many five foot ways of Little India. The mural is set in the aesthetics of a tarot spread, each with a depiction of Little India’s growth through the ages. The progression is exemplified through aesthetics. The mural reads from right to left in expansion. The utmost right illustrates the green ringneck parrot picking out cards on a person (most likely man) wearing the white dhoti and a shirt, with their forehead smeared with holy ash or vermilion, with traditional Indian motifs. The use of the Indian motifs reflects the history of Tamil astrologers catering to mainly immigrant indians. The progression of style in the cards is also a reflection of the popularity of this practice and thus became a widespread activity many indulged in, especially in times of uncertainty. The left of the mural will depict a flow of tarot reading towards a more contemporary outlook and design. This represents the accessibility of this practice, where artists and artisans continue this practice by reading tarot decks in the many cafes, bookstores and galleries around Little India.

Looking Back, Going Forward - Exhibition

Heritage and Dress: Chetti Melaka, the Kebaya and Batik.

This exhibition as part of Artwalk 2022 will showcase how the Chetti Melakans employed dress as a signifier of their culture whilst simultaneously differentiating themselves from the “Nyonyas” or “Babas” (the Peranakan Chinese). The exhibition will also look at how contemporary Singaporean labels utilise techniques and textiles to preserve and celebrate Peranakan culture.


Forgotten Corners

By Pink Gajah
See the people who are hidden in overlooked corners of semi-gentrified streets and neighborhoods with Sean and Sharda Harrison from Pink Gajah as they film a documentary series of 3 short videos, telling stories through song, poem, and spice.

Katong is the singsong town famously known as the hub of Eurasians before they all left on a jet plane to Perth, Australia! At one point indeed, Katong was the main residence to a whole list of Eurasian families. We uncover Katong through the eyes of someone who has situated themselves deeply rooted in this sing-song hybrid and jolly culture! Learn about Kristang, Eurasian Cuisine and forgotten and less known places of Katong that will keep you smiling!


The Evolution of Karagattam: A Dance Through Centuries

By A Meenalochani
An exploration of the past, present and future of the Tamil folk form of Karagattam by Makoolam Kalaikoodam’s A Meenalochani.

7 Wonders of Little India

By Brahmastra Collectives X Aarushi and Divyam
An improvised performance featuring a blend of Indian Pop/Indo-Asean music with live sound painting and poetry, presented by award winning Indo-Asean contemporary ensemble, Brahmastra Collectives in collaboration with visual artists, Aarushi and Divyam.

Varsha @ ARTWALK

By Varsha
Come witness virtuosity and joyful music-making with Varsha, a local group who blend their musical roots in the Indian culture with rhythmic music as the foundation for their compelling improvisations. Varsha wants to bring you, the audience, through a genre-bending journey as they continue to discover new musical terrain and possibilities.

Experiential Activities


By Monster Day Tours
Join Singapore's award winning tour operator Monster Day Tours once again for this year's ARTWALK Trail! This year, they are offering tours of both precincts, Joo Chiat and Little India. Join them for an educational and fun experience this ARTWALK 2022!

Test Your Tastebuds (Family Edition)

By LASALLE students
The second edition of Test Your Tastebuds will see our hosts trying out Peranakan and Eurasian cuisines in addition to Indian from selected restaurants in the precinct.

Join them for a brand new edition of Family, Friends and Strangers testing their tastebuds at the different restaurants!

Test Your Tastebuds (Strangers Edition)

By LASALLE students
The second edition of Test Your Tastebuds will see our hosts trying out Peranakan and Eurasian cuisines in addition to Indian from selected restaurants in the precinct.

Join them for a brand new edition of Family, Friends and Strangers testing their tastebuds at the different restaurants!

Test Your Tastebuds (Friends Edition)

By LASALLE students
The second edition of Test Your Tastebuds will see our hosts trying out Peranakan and Eurasian cuisines in addition to Indian from selected restaurants in the precinct.

Join them for a brand new edition of Family, Friends and Strangers testing their tastebuds at the different restaurants!

The Storytelling Language of Peranakan Symbolism

By Kamini Ramachandran
Take a trip through one of the oldest Peranakan houses in Katong and discover the stories behind the various motifs and symbols of their unique heritage. Explore surname lanterns, kasut manek beaded shoes, wall tiles, kuih moulds and tingkat tiffin carriers together with a storyteller. Step into a treasure trove of antiques dating back to the 1800’s. Listen to the tales of significance that lay within the designs, embroidery and patterns.

Storyteller's Tour of Little India

By Kamini Ramachandran
Experience Little India together with a storyteller. Walk down alleyways and hidden streets as you discover some of her favourite wall murals. Follow her as she visits her favourite museum and be introduced to some treasured artefacts. Listen to short stories along the way. Stop for a traditional banana leaf meal and stock up on some local snacks. Accompany her as she buys some flower garlands and completes her day at a temple.


Peranakan Shophouse Sketching

By Straits Enclave
Learn the fundamentals of sketching and watercolour painting techniques, broken down into phases. Find out how you can create your own unique piece of Peranakan heritage house art work with Kathleen from Straits Enclave!

About the Facilitator:
The Straits Enclave is situated in the heart of the heritage district of Joo Chiat known for its colourful Peranakan accented shophouses. Visitors looking to get up close and personal with the Peranakan culture will find Straits Enclave simply captivating. Guests can take a private storytelling tour at Straits Enclave, feel and touch vintage artefacts up-close to better feel and appreciate Singapore’s unique past and Peranakan Culture. There are also workshops such as Peranakan beading and painting the Peranakan heritage shophouses.

Indian Fusion Dance

By Iswarya
Join us for a Bharathanatyam and contemporary fusion Indian Dance Master class with Iswarya Jayakumar and learn how to seamlessly weave the two styles into one!

About the Facilitator:
Iswarya Jayakumar’s artistic journey is a multi-faceted paradigm having been trained in Bharathanatyam, under the tutelage of the late SMT Neila Sathyalingam and, Classical Ballet and Contemporary at School of the Arts, Singapore while expanding her knowledge in Neo-Bharatham, Folk, Gaana and Bollywood over the past 24 years.

Warli Art

By StrokeArts Studio
Join Kumuda Krovvidi from StrokeArts Studio as she teaches us how to create a Western Indian art form in our Warli Art Workshop. Learn more about the regional art form and its history and culture while getting a hands-on experience in creating your own work!

About the Facilitator:
StrokeArts Studio offers a special program to promote local and regional arts in India and Singapore, especially connecting with the Indian community. Its mission is to promote an awareness and appreciation of heritage and traditional painting styles from India and to understand the impact and the influence of these art forms on the cultural heritage of Asean countries.

Peranakan Tile Painting

Learn how to create your very own Peranakan tile design with ARTEFAKTS! Join instructors Jeffrey Ang and Wai Ching for an enriching, relaxing and therapeutic workshop this year at ARTWALK 2022!

About the Facilitator:

ARTEFAKTS is a boutique art studio and craft workshop that’s passionate about creating art with a refreshing, contemporary twist. It offers art experiences for people to discover their inner artist. With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director and art educator, founder Jeffrey Ang believes there’s an artist within each of us waiting to be discovered, and that art should be enriching, relaxing and therapeutic.

Leather Crafting Workshop

By Maketh Project
1. Marbled Semi-Circle Coin Pouch Crafting
Singapore’s one and only leather marbling workshop is right in the heart of Little India. Start off by crafting your own leather coin pouch from scratch and add a swirl of colours on your completed piece with our special leather marbling technique.

2. Painted Single Slot Cardholder Crafting
An exclusive workshop created especially for ARTWALK 2022. Learn to paint mandala motifs and designs on this single slot cardholder. Workshop covers the basic leather crafting techniques to create the simple cardholder and end off the session with some creative leather painting.

Latte Art Workshop

By Main Street Commissary
This programme is in collaboration with Main Street Commissary.
Come join us for a fun activity learning about creating your own latte art. Learn to create beautiful latte art with motifs and colours related to Little India. Each participant will have the opportunity to have a hands on experience in creating your own cup of customised latte art, and enjoy the beverage thereafter

Eurasian Craft Workshop

By Eurasian Association
Make your very own friendship band using crochet, a name derived from French meaning ‘small hook’ which is the tool used to form the braid.
Yarn@EA facilitators will be on hand to guide participants to make their own friendship band, or even mask strap or anklets using the wool and beads.
Discover the history and culture of the minority Eurasian community through a brief tour of the heritage exhibit.


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