By Boon 'BAKED'



The Phoenix is a decorative and auspicious motif used by the Peranakans.

The Phoenix also symbolises rebirth and regeneration in western traditions. It represents the continuation of life in flames of change, the continuation of living live during this pandemic, and the importance of taking it easy and to not give up, in the hopes that, when it does end, we will be stronger.

About Boon 'BAKED'

Boon is a Graffiti/Mural/Visual artist from Singapore who goes by the monicker ‘BAKED’ Started his exploration into the medium of spray paint in 2012. He went to paint his proper piece in ‘Meeting Of Styles’ in KL in 2016, and have been painting walls around south east asia ever since. He paints personalised styled letters and his characters, using walls as his canvas.

Instagram: @BoonBaked

321 Joo Chiat Road