By Shah Rizzal



This is an art project that delves into the special relationship between the windows and the communal spaces around Little India.

The intention is to portray different types of shophouse windows from the past to the present. To do this, part of the wall will be coloured, another will be black and white while the remaining will be sepia.

I am proposing a mural consisting of a clash of modern and postmodern environments. The painting will consist of the different types of windows/shophouses juxtaposed against one another creating a stack of interesting composition.

About Shah Rizzal

Graffiti art has opened the doors to Shah’s art endeavours and how he comprehends his surroundings. He develops what he has experienced from the earlier artistic exposure to produce a refined form of diplomacy between the clash of culture, experience, understanding and the emotion through his academic and professional adventures.

He believes that through the marriage of both formal education and the unorthodox street knowledge he could disseminate a different kind of visual art aesthetics and propagate a contemporary understanding of the current and future generation of Singapore artists.

Instagram: @ibn.hussain

1 Dunlop Street